First impressions matter

The first 5-minute hotel dry-cleaning service

We intentionally design the hotel dry-cleaning service pamphlets poorly to not grab the attention of our guests
— General managers of Hilton, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, ...
Dry-cleaning is not just a chore. Sending staff out every morning and evening is a big chore! Every hotel in the US faces this!
— General manager of a Holiday Inn hotel

Introducing presso


you are in trusted hands, Presso has been in all these locations:


What Presso can do


Available 24/7

Totally hands-free

Go green!

Save on your bills

Your guests can use the service in the middle of the night if they want to. No need to call room service.

Pickup and delivery of clothes to the dry-cleaner will not be your job. Free up your staff to more important tasks.

Our patent pending cleaning process takes 100x less water and 3x electricity per garment than laundry.

Save on high water and electricity bills from guests running long hot showers to steam clothes.



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Nishant Jain, Founder & CEO

Nishant Jain is an entrepreneur with multiple startup experiences under his belt. He originally came to the United States from India in 2014 for his undergraduate studies at Purdue University. Over the past 5 years, Nishant mastered his technical skills in robotics and software engineering by working for startups, Indian Railways, and Lenze Corporation. Nishant started Presso (previously LaundrySucks) while completing his undergraduate studies.

In his own words, “I could never find 2 hours to sit at home and do my laundry. When I graduated, I found out that the chore of dry-cleaning was even more inconvenient! A machine that can quickly clean and press a few clothes on-demand has to exist in the future. We will be the ones bringing that future to reality!”


Thibault Corens, Co-founder & CTO

Thibault Corens is a mechanical and manufacturing engineer by trade but has also been involved in previous startups. Before co-founding Presso with Nishant, Thibault ran a successful Kickstarter. Thibault originally came to the United States from Belgium in 2014 for his undergraduate studies and shared all of his first semester classes with Nishant, they have been friends ever since.

Thibault worked for several years in industrial automation in Belgium where he learned the ins and outs of manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics. Thibault has a knack for quality and perfection that can be seen in the Presso machines.






Learn more about the 2019 pilot program.

We will be launching Presso at select hotels in the United States. If you want to be one of the first locations to offer the Presso dry-cleaning service, fill out the form and we will reach out in 1-2 business days.

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